Infrared Cowboy is now on his horse

The last few years have been very exciting indeed.

A Closer Look Inspection Service has been performing Home inspections in the Dallas Texas market for the last 39 years. Our company still performs Home Inspections, but we have expanded in to the exciting Infrared Inspection industry over the last 2 – 3 years.

Jim Hemsell is a Level II thermographer and uses some of the best equipment in the industry to perform Infrared Scans in the construction industry around Texas. Infrared has powerful capabilities to locate. moisture problems under low sloped roof and in structures. It is also used to scan electrical switch gear to locate electrical problems that could shut a business down from electrical failures, fires or even worse. Our electrical switch gear scans meet national standards and Insurance Industry requirements.

We even use Infrared scans to locate lameness problems horses. The potential of Infrared scans is almost beyond belief. Infrared started in the military many years ago. Industry started using the technology to manufacture products for the military and it slowly spread to other industries like chemical production, electrical transmission and Data Centers. Now the technology is spreading to the consumer related businesses to meet special challenges.

Infrared is now used to locate Breast cancer and other cancers years before other modalities such as x ray can locate problems. It is used to regulate heat / cold related processes

We hope to show you the power of Infrared on this website and make it a resource to share what is happening in this new industry.

Jim Hemsell
The Infrared Cowboy